about me 

My name is Marybeth, and my passion is creating. I live to capture vibrant content that illustrates life's most precious moments. As a kid my favourite "toy" was a disposable camera - that sparked my passion. Creating something stunning to share with my clients...that fuels it.

I’ve had a passion for social media and channeling my creativity through it since Tumblr. (feel old yet?) I would photograph everything I came in contact with - my couch, my dog, food. I was smitten. But I didn't even think of photography as a career yet. It was just something I did for fun. As like any other kid, I had no idea what I was going to do with my life, and I thought I had forever to figure it out.

Forever came really quick when I graduated high school.

Skip to the Instagram era, where everyone and their mom started sharing artsy photos. And I don’t even say that negatively. I think it’s AMAZING. This is where I realised - this could be my passion. This could be my purpose. I was working a 9-5, that I thought I was going to work for life. But I knew I wanted more. I wanted to wake up every day and spend my day creating. Capturing moments that others could cherish for life. I started just taking photos for my Instagram - and people started to notice.

People asked me to take photos of their kids, family parties, at church, etc. I quickly became “the girl with the camera.”

In 2018 I freelanced for Isobel Media and from there I knew this was what I needed to do for the rest of my life. Taking and editing stunning photos for brands and restaurants not only ignited that passion even more, but taught me so much about the business. In April 2019, I shot my first wedding. It was beautiful, and I felt so honoured to be apart of the most important day of their lives..

It’s 2020. And I feel ready to take on the world. Ready to take on your wedding. Ready to capture the cuteness of your baby. Ready to create beautiful content for your brand or blog.

Or just take photos of your dog.



Whatever it is, I cannot wait to see what you and I can create together.

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